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Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What do I need to set up my store?

On your end, you basically need the minimum requirements for each platform you want to install like WordPress, Shopify etc.

Can I upload my own fonts and pictures?

Absolutely YES. You can upload your own fonts, images and SVG shapes as well as create your own custom designs or import from our store. The product comes with design templates, images and cliparts.

Does it support my language?

We currently support 33 beautiful languages from all over the world. And you can customize every letter or add your own language.

What do I get when a client makes an order?

When a client submits an order, you get the project details with option to load and edit the project, a PDF file of the order and screenshot of what the client has designed as a proof.

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We have tested a lot of Web To Print software before choosing PitchPrint who are awesome. A lot of features, easy to integrate and to customize with your ressources.... the best Web To Print Software. The software is easy to use for the customer and powerfull, the team of PitchPrint is here for answer to your question and add features, improve the system... Thank you.

Jean-Pierre Boillon (Studio Pitch Art)
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“This is the best customizer plugin for print shops I have seen! Admin is very intuitive and if you read the documentation it’s easy to set up.
Beautifully designed and well planned. The developers clearly care for their product and have worked very hard – IT SHOWS.
Thank you!”

Gerardo (Printsgicleeshop)