Simplicity + Functionality
to propel your print business forward..

Output File

High Resolution Print-Ready
Vector PDF File.

PitchPrint outputs full vector PDF, ready for print in CMYK and SPOT colors.

Texts and Shapes are rendered as full vector assets while images are rendered in their original high resolution to produce a ready-to-print PDF file.
You can optionally set it to render in RGB.

Click here to learn all about colors in PitchPrint

CMYK Image
Facebook integration

Users can Import Photos from
Facebook & Instagram.

Your customers can import their pictures from Facebook or Instagram into their designs with easy access and edit those images using the editor.

Also they can upload photos from phones or their desktops in various formats. Vector files as PDF, Illustrator, CorelDraw, TIFF etc are all supported.

Web2Print Live remote integration

Live Remote Editing
Assist your customers to design.

Our live remote editing feature allows you to view all customers using the app on your store. You can preview their designs so far and offer to assist them remotely by sending a message which pops up on their window..

And when they accept, their current project loads into your browser and you can both work to finalize the design in real-time, "Google Docs Style"


Ready to use
Design Templates.

Kick start your customer’s designs by giving them a design template which are loaded once the app starts. Saves them time and design hassles!

Create your own templates or import some from our store. Creating designs from scratch can be daunting for some customers, so giving them a head start with pre-made templates saves them time.

Fully customizable

Skin it as you wish
Completely Customizable.

From the language to the themes and layout, you can customize the app to blend right into your store's look and feel.

Every design can be assigned different resources like images, backgrounds, colors, text arts, fonts etc and elements on the canvas can be locked from edit or movement. There's complete freedom to tweak the app to your design aim.


World Class
Photo Editor.

We have integrated one of the best Photo editing suites in the world from Adobe Cloud so your users can seamlessly edit their pictures, apply filters, crop, frames and do interesting things on their images with ease.

And pictures get saved back in high resolution all the way into the final PDF, ready for print.

Web2Print Innovation

Continous Updates.

PitchPrint has been in the works for over 4 years now and was an offshot of a prior six year stint building product customization app using Flash. We innovate everyday and with the help of our customers, have built and keep building the product to be the best.

We have a long list of features to create to enhance users' experience and keep making it better by the day. We also welcome suggestions on features as well as any issues you may have.