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Data Form

For products like Business Cards, Banners and many Text-ladden products, speed is vital!

This PitchPrint module displays a Quick-edit Form where your customers can simply type in their details and be done with.

It is suitable for quick edits without having to manipulate directly on the canvas. It even allows for pre-selected options so customers don't have to "type" so much.

And logos? We have you covered. At the click of a button, customers can upload photos into the form and have that reflected perfectly in the right spot on the design!

Learn more about the Data Form Module here

Data form module


Template Color

This module basically allows you to change the template image colour of a design product without going outside of the editor.

Imagine while creating a TShirt or a Product Casing, providing a visual effect of how how your design will appear on different colors of the product, while in the design app

View a sample product here..

Template Color module


Page Loader

This module allows you to load additional pages into designs from an assigned source design. Perfect for Magazines, Menu, Programmes, Business Cards, Swatch Cards, Direct Mail Marketing, Brochures etc.

Some of the options available to utilise:

Add Page - This option when enabled, allows users to add new page from the source design into the main design.

Swap Page - This option allows the users to swap their existing page with a new one from the source design.

Delete Page - This gives users ability to delete pages from the current design

Start Blank - When enabled, this option deletes all the pages from the existing design so your users gets to start by adding pages afresh from the source design.

See it in action here

Page Loader module


Google Fonts

All the Google typography at the tip of your fingers …

Search and use Google Fonts directly in the design editor with our new Admin panel. You can also upload your own fonts, images and SVG shapes as well as create your own custom designs based on your unique product offerings.

There are two types of Fonts required for the application to function properly. The TTF and Woff font file types. The TTF is used in generating the final PDF file while the Woff is a web based font file system used predominantly in browsers because of its light weight and faster loading time.

Add Google fonts or upload your own TTF or OTF, the choice is all yours!!

How to add your own fonts

Pisabay Search


Display Modes

Configure how the application appears in your product page with our 3 different display mode options to suit any of your product or user needs. The default display mode is Modal whilst the other two, Inline and Mini will have to appear within an element inside your product page.

Modal display - Full browser occupying the whole browser tab window.

Inline display - Appears inside the product page with full width.

Mini display - Appears inside the product page with minimal editor.

Learn more about the different Display Modes here



Enabling users to create different layout and assign them to different sets of designs based on your unique website need basis.

The ability to rearrange the pattern, structure and visual elements that would best serve your customers making it easier for them to manoeuvre around your e-commerce store.

Packaging the application in a way that key features that would overall improve how customers engage your online store are accentuated for ease of use.

For instance, you may want to create a layout with minimal elements for products that require quick edits like business cards, banners etc. while you maintain a full blown one for products that requires a more robust set of tools like a Magazine, Direct Mail Marketing layout.

Learn more about Layouts here



Smart Sizes

Create multiple variations of a single design by varying the canvas size and elements' properties to come up with entirely different looking layouts.

Landscape, Portrait, Square in seconds saving you time to focus on what matters, the customers!

Read more about Smart Sizes on our blog

Template Color module


Variable Data

An API that allows you to programmatically create multiple print-ready PDF files without launching the design editor.

Spark is designed for creating print files on the fly, replacing texts and images per copy.

Consider scenarios where busy clients like Estate Agents who periodically need business cards, Party Planners who need to get those banners with no fuss or Direct Mail markers who need to automate their processes, Corporate gift items with personalizable prints. You simply send their details to the API and it will reply with crisp PDF files ready for print

In just 3 steps, you can have the Print-ready PDF delivered automatically to your printer.

Read more about Spark on our blog



Canvas Adjuster

Large prints come in different shapes and sizes. We have that covered.

With this module, you can adjust the canvas dimensions before or during designing. You can opt for custom dimensions or pick from a list of pre-set values.

And we have integrated it so that it can update the price on your product page.

View a sample product here..

Template Color module


High Resolution Print-Ready Vector PDF

You get high resolution print-ready PDF with crisp, clean vector elements in either CMYK with SPOT colors or RGB format

Texts and Shapes are rendered as full vector assets while images are rendered in their original high resolution to produce a ready-to-print PDF file. You can optionally set it to render in RGB.

We offer support for layered elements and over print

Click here to learn all about colors in PitchPrint



Stunning Free Photos from Pixabay

All Pictures and Backgrounds uploaded to your gallery can be a searched by customers using keywords you have provided.

We have also integrated Pixabay which is a collection of royalty free photos and illustrations.

Users can search straight through more than a million free photos to use in their designs.

How to enable Pixabay image search

Pixabay Search



From the language to the themes and layout, you can customize the app to blend right into your store's look and feel.

Every design can be assigned different resources like images, backgrounds, colors, text arts, fonts etc and elements on the canvas can be locked from edit or movement.

You can include your own CSS or Custom JavaScript code to add functionalities. More so, you can edit the HTML to remove features you don't need.

There's complete freedom to tweak the app to your design aim.

Here's a little tip on how to change the app labels and text